"Gladys is a sincere healer with so much compassion inside. My healing sessions with her are always professional, peaceful and comfortable. She listens well and makes you feel like your condition is being cared for. This type of healing is new to me and I have found it to be very gentle in releasing energies that no longer serve me. I had some specific acute issues that disappeared after the magnets were used on those areas. And I strongly feel the sessions are realigning my overall energy little by little to make for better overall health in general." -Jennifer Moulton

"Gladys is wonderful to work with. She has the right blend of competence and compassion.

She listens carefully and without judgement then systematically scans to find the source of any problems in my body.

Then she places the magnets and let's me rest. I don't understand why the magnets are so relaxing but they are. I feel very relaxed when the treatment is over and I feel better the following day.

Once I went to see Gladys when I was coming down with something. I had a headache, sore throat and swollen glands. Gladys did my treatment in the afternoon and by bedtime all of my symptoms were gone. I also am finding relief little by little from some of my chronic health issues. I'm excited to see how regular treatments will affect my lifelong health challenges." -Michelle Amaranth

"Gladys has an extraordinary ability to concentrate on a healthy outcome and get things headed in the right direction. Combining her strong focusing ability with biomagnetic therapy is truly a potent healing combination. I came to the appointment extremely tired, with some uncomfortable recurring physical issues that had been dogging me for days. In short order, she found the source of the problems, and by the end of the session, I could feel my energy picking back up. Her healing was spot on and got me onto the right track. After the session, I felt confident knowing how to keep the healing momentum going, and I'm feeling much better now. So grateful to Gladys for the helpful healing treatment!" -Sophie Batkis

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